Sawyer cordless motorized kit type 206K-220 (ex. Crawler)


Sawyer’s Cordless Motor Kit improves cut quality and productivity. The Motorized Crawler features an industrial grade, brushless motor for increased reliability, durability and longer life. Intelligent speed control allows for flame or plasma cutting with the Crawler. The Motorizing Kit converts a traditional manual crawler into the Cordless Motorized Crawler with the electric motor drive that is AC or battery powered, using a 20 volt DeWalt style battery. This is a simple upgrade that includes a motor mount and connector that attach to the Crawler.

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  • Industrial grade, brushless motor for durability and long life
  • Battery-powered, using a DeWalt style 20v battery (not included)
  • Intelligent speed control with a range that allows for flame or plasma cutting
  • Extension cords and plugs are water, arctic, and flame resistant
  • Durable cast aluminum motor mount increases rigidity
  • High visibility yellow polymide control box with integrated convenient carrying handle
  • Shielded magnet included on the control box for attachment to pipe during use